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Certified by Responsible Investment Association of Australasia

Jonathan Neal, director of Rise Financial, has been certified by RIAA (Responsible Investment Association of Australasia) according to the strict disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program. The Certification Symbol signifies that an investment product or service takes environmental, social, ethical or governance considerations into account along with financial returns. Visit for more details on RIAA.


His knowledge and competence in planning for financial security is excellent.
In November 2004 we invited Jonathan to prepare a financial plan for us. This plan enabled us to look at our assets apart from the family home, organise them more effectively, understand our investment risk profile and plan so that in our retirement we had good understanding as how to make those assets work for us in the best possible way. Now, ten years on and mostly retired we have never regretted this step. Jonathan is meticulous in the detail that he continues to provide but always presents us with a range of options as he patiently helps us understand investment options. His advice is given in a most professional, helpful, friendly and caring way that always helps us invest responsibly to meet our long term goals. His knowledge and competence in planning for financial security is excellent. We have had no hesitation in recommending his services to other family members.
Dave & Roslyn McDonald
I would strongly recommend Jonathan as a financial adviser.
I would strongly recommend Jonathan as a financial adviser. Whether beginning an investment portfolio or developing one already established, Jonathan’s thorough, up-to-date knowledge, and professional diligence underpin his ability to provide appropriate individual advice. He is friendly, honest, patient and meticulous in the care he takes to ensure investments are ethical, wise and safe.
Elizabeth O'Connor
I was delighted to have the opportunity to invest responsibly through Jonathan's interest in this area.
I have been a client of Rise Financial since its inception, and was associated with Jonathan and his team for a number of years before that. I have always found them to be professional, friendly and helpful. Jonathan is very thorough and has extensive knowledge of the field of finance and investment. I was delighted to have the opportunity also to invest responsibly through Jonathan's interest in this area.
Anne Kroening
Jonathan keeps up to date with this growing market and therefore is able to keep us informed of the increasing opportunities to participate in responsible investments.
We chose to invest for our retirement with Rise Financial Ltd for many reasons and two in particular. Firstly, we have been salaried employees all our working lives so have not developed any useful knowledge about investments. Jonathan really understands needs for investment and therefore is very good at offering information and options, listening to our retirement plans and assisting us in making appropriate decisions. Secondly, we are particularly interested in ensuring our investments are used to assist the healthy, ethical developments within New Zealand and beyond. Jonathan keeps up to date with this growing market and therefore is able to keep us informed of the increasing opportunities to participate in responsible investments.

Responsible Investment News

Save the planet and stretch your budget

Stuff SUSAN EDMUNDS - February 23 2018
Small changes to the way you shop and run your household could save your money – and help the environment, too.

Here are eight ways that lightening your impact on the planet can be good for your wallet.

UN SDGs can propel impact investing into the mainstream

Investment Magazine by Simone Bouch -
Impact investing is set to continue to grow, as many investors are interested in making their money work for good, as well as for returns.

Research shows directing capital into investments that seek both attractive returns and a measurable positive environmental and societal impact could be a US$1 trillion ($1.3 trillion) business globally by 2020. This is largely driven by Millennials who want to make a difference in the world. Studies by Morgan Stanley have found that 18- to 34-year-olds are twice as likely to invest in a portfolio or individual companies if they seek positive environmental or social impacts.

Climate change views irrelevant to investment - it's already priced in

Stuff, John Berry, 4 February 2018
OPINION: As an investor, it's not relevant whether you believe the science of climate change stacks up.

The weight of evidence is compelling, but set that aside. The world has changed, your investments are already starting to price in climate change.

Carbon credits are now currency in today's economy and therefore a company's carbon footprint is starting to become as important as its profits, for assessing a share's value.

High carbon companies will be forced to reorganise their activities, or they will be sold down by investors.

Those positioning their investment portfolios to recognise this should win, whether global warming actually happens or not.

Should we invest in countries that don't share NZ's view on human rights?

Stuff, Rob Stock, 28 Jan 2018
Last year at the United Nations, New Zealand urged The Philippines to "appropriately investigate deaths which have occurred in the course of police operations associated with the war on drugs".

Tough-talking Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs resulted in what Human Rights Watch called "an unprecedented level of killing by law enforcement" since Duterte took office in June 2016.

But even as New Zealand was signalling its dismay at extrajudicial killings in the country, the New Zealand Super Fund, our sovereign wealth fund designed to help pay tomorrow's pensions, had $2.9 million invested with The Philippines government.

Dynamic duo: how investors, Millennials are fighting modern slavery By Lucy Dean, 18 Jan 2018
Who made your T-shirt, and what were they paid for it? It’s a question that Millennial consumers care about, and so investors do too.

According to a recent AMP Capital insight, young Australians’ spending power and habits could end modern slavery in the clothing industry as they shift away from cheap but dubiously sourced garments.

AMP Capital’s responsible investment leaders’ Kristen Le Mesurier explained that investors are being influenced by Millennial concerns to push companies for change in order to meet Millennials’ moral standards.

A copy of Jonathan Neal's Primary Disclosure Statement is available here.