Different ways to invest responsibly

Align your investments with your values 

Being a responsible investor means investing your money with companies or institutions which share your vision. As an individual investor there are ways in which you can make sure your investments are in line with your values.

Invest in Responsible Investment Managed Funds

There is a growing range of New Zealand and Australian Responsible Investment managed funds that can be invested in. Rise Financial offers Responsible Investment  managed fund options suited to a range of investors. 

Choose a KiwiSaver provider with a Responsible Investment option

Many New Zealanders have KiwiSaver and some KiwiSaver schemes have Responsible Investment options available for their members. 

Two KiwiSaver schemes have also adopted responsible investing as part of their mainstream investment process. They incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into all of their investment decisions, how they select investment managers, allocate investments across asset classes, vote and engage with companies they invest in on your behalf.

Talk to your KiwiSaver scheme provider about how they are managing ESG issues, and what Responsible Investment options they may have. Remember, asking questions can lead to positive change in the organisations you are already involved with.

Open a savings account

Community finance involves pooling deposits to make loans available to local community services, not-for-profit organisations, disadvantaged people, or loans to fund actions that help the environment or society. 

You can get involved by opening a savings account with a credit union, building society, community bank, or a bank which is managing its sustainability and social responsibility well.

Invest directly with companies

You can also invest directly with companies which reflect your personal beliefs and values. As a shareholder this gives you a say in that company’s corporate conduct through engagement and exercising your voting rights.

Elements of the information appearing on this page were kindly provided by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia.

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