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How to use ESG funds in your portfolio if you want to invest ethically

Australian Financial Review Jul 30 2018
Like many growing up in the 1970s, I was taught to eat everything on my plate. It was good advice, particularly as an active kid growing up in a rural setting. Now that my metabolism isn't that of an active teenager, there are items I choose to leave on the plate.

A similar discussion has been evolving in investment markets. Is it better to eat everything on the plate, or can the discretion to leave out undesirable exposures improve investment outcomes?

The mythical peril of divesting from fossil fuels

London School of Economics By Jeremy Grantham, Co-Founder, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
I have met more investment committees than I care to think about. Perhaps a couple of thousand. There is a no more conservative group on the planet than an investment committee. You could be forgiven for thinking that if you cough at an investment committee they will think they are ruined!

Pengana launches impact investment calculator

Investor Daily Tim Stewart
Pengana Capital has launched an online calculator that clients can use to gauge the tangible social impact produced by their investment.

The SDGs: an ethical compass for investors

RIAA Carly Hammond
The UN Sustainable Development Goals incorporate a strong call to action for the private sector to end poverty, combat climate change and promote sustainable economic growth, writes RIAA's Carly Hammond.

Superannuation not enough for basic retiree lifestyle

RNZ Gyles Beckford, Business Editor
The amount of money needed by retirees to have a basic lifestyle is growing, but there are signs people are coping.

Bank fund managers 'conflicted on exclusions'

Good Returns July 23rd 2018 by Susan Edmunds
KiwiSaver provider Simplicity has hit back at claims that sector exclusions are not the best way to manage investments responsibly, saying banks have a conflict of interest that stops them achieving the best outcomes in New Zealand.

One person's unethical investment is another's opportunity

Stuff JOHN BERRY July 22 2018
OPINION: Around the world investors agree that ethical or values-based investing can make financial as well as moral sense, but there is no agreement on making those ethical judgements.

Last September the NZ Super Fund added recreational cannabis to its excluded investments list.

Growing marijuana is big business and now legal in eight US states, with central Denver alone dedicating 400,000 square metres of industrial buildings.

The NZ Super Fund's decision is based on the intent behind New Zealand's international treaties, current law and government policy. Many investors will agree with the Super Fund and many will not – there's no right answer.

Time for 'green' classification system

Good Returns July 11th 2018 by Susan Edmunds
Advisers say there’s too much uncertainty about “responsible” investment funds.

Rules needed on when a KiwiSaver fund can call itself 'green'

ROB STOCK July 3 2018
It's time for rules to define what constitutes a "green" KiwiSaver fund.

Law firm Russell McVeagh has called for rules to determine "when a fund constitutes a 'green fund' and can be referred to as such".

They could be added to the Zero Carbon Bill, or be a set of standards developed by the KiwiSaver industry.

The law firm also said the rules should set out what "disclosures" KiwiSaver providers should make to demonstrate the greenness of their investment processes.

Our food system is broken: we must repair it

Making it work for both people and planet is good business, as well as the right thing to do
Let’s start with the good news. Humankind is living longer than ever before. Fewer of us are going to bed hungry. Improvements in diets and modern medicine have contributed to a 20-year increase in the average global life expectancy since 1960. The number of undernourished people has fallen from 1 billion in 1991 to 815 million today, even as world population has grown by over 2 billion.