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Clients expect deep RI understanding: Kiwi Wealth

Good Returns 9 Dec 2019
Investment advisers may need to have fewer, but deeper, relationships with product providers to better understand their responsible investment stance, Kiwi Wealth’s head of retail wealth says.


Insights, Uniting Church Warren Bird 23/12/19
I was not expecting the keynote address to be such a moving presentation. I was at a conference of investment managers after all!

However, as the courageous young woman on the podium spoke clearly and passionately about her pain and that of her family and her village, her words had a powerful impact: “Investors, are you satisfied that your bank balance growth has been achieved with the loss of so much blood?”

Facebook – Another Moral Dilemma

GreenMoney By Francis G. Coleman, CBIS
A Pew Research study revealed that social media is king when it comes to the news. In the US, 72 percent of millennials read the news via their Facebook, Twitter feed, and other social networking sites. Only 21 percent of people aged 50+ do the same. The older generation predominantly consumes news via their television.

Biomimicry = Return on Inspiration

GreenMoney By Janine Benyus, Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute Originally written in 2017
Biomimicry can help sequester carbon, build a circular economy and perfect NetPositive regenerative design.

It seems so obvious now: innovators are turning to nature for inspiration in building, chemistry, agriculture, energy, health, transportation, computing–even the design of organizations and cities. Biomimicry is taught from kindergarten to university and practiced in all scales of enterprise.