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How ‘Degrowth’ Pushes Climate and Well-Being Over GDP

Bloomberg Green By Akshat Rathi September 18, 2020
In recent years, a group of economists, ecologists, and anthropologists has gained attention for trying to overturn a core tenet of economic policy — that growth is good for everyone. Known as the “degrowth” movement, these scholars suggest a reframing of humanity’s goals along ecological lines to address the climate crisis, along with a reconsideration of using gross domestic product as a metric for progress. The upheaval of the coronavirus crisis has added fuel to the debate.

Election 2020: Financial sector will have to report on climate change risk in world-first move

Stuff Henry Cooke and Thomas Coughlan 15 Sep 2020
Roughly 200 of New Zealand’s biggest companies and financial organisations will be made to report on climate change risk, Climate Change Minister James Shaw has announced.

The policy will force large financial organisations in New Zealand to disclose how exposed their business and investments are to climate change-related risk. Some entities, such as the NZ Super Fund, are already proactively disclosing such risks, ahead of the mandatory regime.

Sorry Shane Jones, 'woke' banking is the future

Stuff Daniel Dunkley Aug 06 2020
OPINION: The word “woke” originated in African-American communities in the 1960s to describe a person’s enlightened awareness of social and racial issues in the civil rights era.

Strange then, that the slang term has been used to bash New Zealand’s state-owned lender Kiwibank in recent weeks.

New Zealand First MP and associate minister for state-owned enterprises Shane Jones has lashed out at
Kiwibank’s plans to withhold banking services from the fossil fuel, military-grade weapons, synthetic drugs, palm oil, predatory lending, casino, and tobacco industries under its Responsible Business Banking strategy.

“The bank that goes woke may end up broke, so hop down out of your sermonising and join the rest of the world,” Jones told RNZ last month.

Exclusions now the exception not the rule for NZ investors

Investment News 13 Sept, 2020
Engagement has supplanted exclusion as the most popular NZ responsible investment (RI) strategy for the first time, according to the latest annual review of the sector.

The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIIA) 2020 ‘Benchmark report’ for NZ found than environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration topped negative screening as the most influential factor in creating RI portfolios.