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How to Tell if a Company’s Claim of Ethical Practices Is True

Vital Farms says on its website that its eggs and butter “are delicious, ethical food you don’t have to question.”

But a lawsuit filed against the company on May 20 claims that Vital Farms’ marketing has misled consumers and investors into believing they’re supporting a company that is more ethical and humane than it actually is. Vital Farms responded that it has operated in an ethical and humane way and that it has always been transparent about its practice of raising hens to lay eggs. New York Times
By Paul Sullivan
May 28, 2021

The case for ethical investing

Ethical investing can harness the power of money to deliver competitive returns – as well as positive change for society and the environment. David Macri
Australian Ethical Investment

Men, we need to invest better

OPINION: Last Thursday was International Men’s Day, which is a time to reflect on the wellness and contribution of men to our world. What does gender have to do with investing? Everything. Stuff, John Berry
Nov 23 2020

Ethical investments are outperforming traditional funds

Environmentalists cheered by huge improvements in air quality during the lockdown – and the collapse in coal power generation – have another reason to celebrate. Even the stock market has gone in their favour.

A detailed number-crunching of environmentally sustainable funds has revealed that they have outperformed traditional funds across the board – beating them during the pandemic as well as during the 10 years up to and including the coronavirus sell-off.

The data, from the global research agency Morningstar, comes amid growing evidence that environmentally focused investing – once pigeonholed by City traditionalists as only for a vegan/hippy minority – is becoming mainstream. This week, Vanguard, one of the world’s biggest fund managers, launched two ethical index funds aimed at UK investors, while Aviva, Britain’s biggest insurer, unveiled a “climate transition” fund. The Guardian – 13 June 2020
Evidence suggests that environmentally focused investing is becoming mainstream


As the globe comes to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of responsible investment and sustainable finance has been readying itself for crises such as this over some time.

Such scenarios are core business for responsible, ethical and impact investors, who spend much of their days analysing and assessing causes of disruptions to valuations that sit off the balance sheet: the environmental, social, governance and ethical issues that are fundamental to a holistic understanding of what moves markets. The role of responsible investment and sustainable finance in times of crisis.
By RIAA CEO Simon O’Connor

Australian Ethical: Clear and present danger

I was in London early this month where I witnessed the climate change rallies in full swing. It was an extraordinary sight. The movement’s supporters came from all walks of life. It could have easily been mistaken for a fun run if not for the placards railing against the environment crisis.

13 November 2019
David Macri
Chief Investment Officer
Australian Ethical Investment Limited

Calls mount for ACC to distance itself from fossil fuels, after Parliament report

ACC is facing mounting calls to sell its investment in fossil fuel companies, following the release of a Parliamentary select committee report into its ethical investment policy.

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick is calling on the fund to sell its fossil fuel investments, and if it refuses for the Government to use the law to force its hand.

The Government-owned fund controls roughly $40 billion worth of investment, with nearly $1b of that currently invested in fossil fuels.

It has $778 million invested in renewable energy. Stuff
Thomas Coughlan
Nov 21 2019

Investing ethically is good for your wealth

Kiwis are demanding that their investment managers invest responsibly. But what does that really mean?
By Harbour Asset Management Oct 31, 2019
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Investors prepared to switch for ethical funds, report shows

More than 80% of New Zealanders expect their KiwiSaver and other investments to be invested responsibly and ethically, new research by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and Mindful Money has shown. Good Returns
October 30th 2019

Older people deserve more credit for the rise of ethical investing

OPINION: The sparky-eyed Millennial out to save the world is overshadowing the other great investment eco-warrior: The baby boomer.

Humans love a simple story, and the trope about the socially-aware young changing the world makes for good reading.

But when it comes to ethical investing, the revolution is being driven by those with white hair as much as it is the young. Stuff, Rob Stock
Sep 19 2019