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Gender: does it impact your investments?

Paul Garner of Novo Wealth and Alexandra Brown of Invest with Ethics 7 Feb 2020
Gender diversity is becoming increasingly important, as investors realise that it makes good business sense to incorporate the viewpoints of half the world’s population.

Bank Of England’s Haldane Says Diversity Will Combat Financial Groupthink

By John Ainger, Bloomberg News
Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane said there’s a need for greater diversity among senior executives to prevent the type of “groupthink” that can allow events such as the financial crisis to take place.

Sustainable Investors Find the Positives in Trump Win

Sustainable Investors Find the Positives in Trump Win By Emily Chasan and Justin Morton, Bloomberg Briefs
Don't let yesterday's selloff in renewable energy companies fool you: Some sustainable investors actually expect Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election to be a long-term positive for socially and environmentally conscious portfolios.

NZ funds' $21m 'dodgy' palm oil investment

New Zealand's three largest government investment funds have more than $20 million invested in foreign palm oil companies linked to devastation of Indonesian rainforests.

Groups fighting to save the critical habitats for Sumatran tigers, orangutans and thousands of other threatened animals are appalled and want the funds pulled immediately.

Straight or Gay? Your Boss Wants to Know, But Don't Worry

Are you gay? The question isn’t taboo in the workplace anymore, for better or worse.

How Wide Is the Gender-Pay Gap? U.K. Companies Will Have to Say

Four years ago, almost 300 British companies signed up for a voluntary program that included a pledge to publish data on the difference between average pay for male and female employees.
Only five released the information.
Soon, they’ll likely have no choice.

Board Gender Diversity Index launched

Australian asset manager Infinitas launched a gender diversity index that found ASX200 (top 200 companies on Australian stock exchange) boards with at least 25% female representation outperform all male boards (the All Blokes Index).