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Employers' Single Biggest Emissions Problem: Your Commute

Q: What does Ride do and what problem is it trying to solve?

A: It's a harrowing experience to get to work in this country. In the U.S. alone 110 million people commute alone in their cars every single day, twice a day. In 2015 alone, Americans spent 2.6 million years, just stuck in traffic. There are 276 million tons of carbon emissions created by the commute. And yet we do it every single day. When you think about other areas of your life we use technology to optimize, but in the commute we do it the same way over and over and over again.

At Ride, we approach large companies and they approach us. When they sign up, we ask their employees where they live and what are the normal hours and days of the week when they go to work. We have a technology we spent two years developing that matches people along their way to work. We bill the passenger on behalf of the driver so that they can share cost and put it into the driver's account. For employees, it tallies the savings and sustainability impact they had as an individual, and then we aggregate that for the employer so they can see how much they saved on emissions, money, and time. 

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