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Sustainable Finance: Investing in a better world

The Herald 31 Oct, 2019
The Sustainable Finance Forum is focused on the tangible aspects of the system it seeks to change, says Matt Whineray.

Surge of new ESG products (in Australia) to woo investors

Australian Financial Review Alexandra Cain 30 Aug 2019
After a decade of largely stagnant ethical investment offerings, the last two years have seen a significant number of new products hit the market. Experts say this is an indication investment products with environmental, social and governance themes are poised to become mainstream.

Ethical investment: How green is my fund really?

The Australian Financial Review Apr 17, 2019 This is sponsored content for Australian Ethical Investment.
More Australians are trying to live an ethical life and want their investments to do the same, seeking to use the power of their savings to have a positive impact on issues including climate change and the environment.

But despite this, many are still unsure whether funds are investing in line with their values and how they can pursue these social goals while growing or protecting wealth.

What do top-rated ESG companies look like?

ESG has become mainstream in funds management but it shouldn’t be confused with ethical investment.
ESG integration is a branch of investment analysis that assesses companies on their environmental and social impacts as well as the quality of their governance. It is a tool used by investment managers to gauge the long-term financial health of companies. For example, a company that pollutes the environment could face financial penalties as well as damage to its reputation – both of which could affect the company’s profitability.

In this sense, ESG integration is ethically passive: it is concerned about the financial impact of things like pollution, poor labour practices and a lack of diversity on boards – not whether they are right or wrong.

Bloomberg 'Good Business' - a weekly guide to sustainable finance

Inside: Chevron says it will cut emissions in line with the Paris agreement. Lines blur between activists and ESG investors. Dubai wants a solar-powered desalination plant. PG&E faces a fight over its board slate; SEC taps Roisman to oversee proxy plumbing overhaul. — Emily Chasan

Bloomberg 'Good Business' - a weekly guide to sustainable finance

Inside: Executives are paid more than 300 times what workers earn. Water security and forest risks disclosures are on the rise. Starbucks puts a lid on recyclers. Democrats' "green new deal" takes shape. Wealthy black executives take on racial inequality. — Eric Roston