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Patagonia: The "dirtbag" way of business

"We believe the solution to consumerism, is to consume less, but consume better. We tell our customers to buy something that will last forever and to simplify their lives." During the deep recession, Patagonia's business grew 8 to 9% and founder Yvon Chouinard believes their approach is evidence of a new economy taking hold.

Converting Financial Capital into Social Capital

Through a groundswell of consumer advocacy, ethical investment and banking is no longer a niche but an essential part of the financial landscape, writes Jim Hardy, a senior manager at Community Sector Banking.

Ethical sales losses $380K

Ethical investment has come with a price tag of more than $380,000 for Dunedin's Waipori Fund.

The Dunedin City Council's Waipori Fund held positions in four equities that were against the ethical investment policy when it was adopted last April.

Students receive degrees covered in oil

Students receive degrees covered in oil in protest at University of Auckland investments
A mock graduation ceremony was held today where degrees covered in oil were handed out to students in protest at the University of Auckland's failure to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Facebook to Pay Millions of Pounds More in U.K. Tax

Facebook Inc. will stop routing advertising sales of its largest U.K. clients through Ireland, increasing its British tax bill by millions of pounds in a bid to improve transparency after facing criticism on tax avoidance.

Ditching tobacco and arms does not make you an ethical investor

Ethical investment campaigns shouldn’t focus on so-called sin stocks like tobacco and alcohol, but on all sectors that act unethically
By Brett Scott of The Guardian
It is becoming increasingly common to question the ethical dimensions of investment. Institutions, pension funds and individuals have faced pressure to divest from investments in controversial industries, including so-called sin stocks such as alcohol, tobacco and arms companies.

The debate around sin stocks, though, is a confused one that risks misrepresenting what ethical investment should focus on.

Harmoney's top interest rates may feel loan-sharkish to some investors


OPINION: How would making a profit by lending it to people at 39.99 per cent sit with your moral values?
What about 28.7 per cent?
Would rates like those make you feel a little bit … well … loan sharkish?
Both are rates on loans made by investors through Harmoney, the country's largest peer-to-peer lender.

Animal Factory Farming Is Hidden Risk for Investors, Coller Says

A growing number of organic-minded diners are asking their waiters where their hamburger came from. Investors with an exposure to animal products should be asking the same question, said Jeremy Coller, founder of FAIRR Initiative — but too often, he said, they aren't.

Investors May Unwittingly Back Unethical Industries

Around two-thirds of U.K. investors don't know whether the activities of industries or companies they are investing in are ethical, according to a survey by Triodos Bank.


You don’t have to give up returns to invest ethically
Climate change, nuclear proliferation and labour exploitation are some of the greatest challenges of our time. Concerned investors have been able to find a voice by investing ethically but there has been a nagging doubt that they may forego investment returns. Today ethical investing is supported by new investment research that recognises that there is not a financial trade-off when investing ethically. In fact, investors can achieve superior investment performance when investing ethically.

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