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KiwiSaver, cluster bombs, mines and nukes

Westpac bank is reviewing its KiwiSaver scheme's investments, after being alerted to stakes it holds in certain companies on the New Zealand Super Fund's "exclusion" list.

The NZ Super Fund's exclusion list includes nine companies which it has tagged as being involved in the manufacture and supply of "cluster munitions" and, or "anti-personnel mines".

But the latest annual disclosure statements from KiwiSaver schemes, show three of those excluded companies appeared in popular KiwiSaver growth funds.

Andy Gracey's Australian Ethical Investment beats sharemarket

Andy Gracey's mutual fund is making almost twice the market's return by buying shares in companies that he says contribute to society and the environment.

Australian Ethical Investment's flagship fund has returned 10.1 per cent a year since September 1994, compared with 5.5 per cent on the nation's benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Index through to April this year. Gracey, who has run the fund since March 2008, holds stakes in firms that develop tools to ease sleep disorders and for laser treatment of eyesight problems.

E’s not just for environment in ESG investing

In part two of the article on responsible investments, Nicholas O'Donoghue writes that the environment is not the only ‘e’ being considered when investors think of ESG investing, with ethics also a key consideration.

Report calls for ethical-by-default KiwiSaver model

A new academic paper has urged the government to set KiwiSaver default funds to ethical investment standards.

In ‘Making responsible investment the new standard in KiwiSaver’, author and University of Auckland philosophy senior lecturer, Matheson Russell, argues the default settings should reflect broad New Zealand preferences for socially-responsible investing (SRI).

Put your money where your mouth is

You're passionate about upcycling, always buy free range, and have thank you letters from charitable trusts coming out of your ears. But when it comes to banking, do your principles have to take a back seat?
Esther Goh investigates

The growing scope for ethical personal finance

Increasing awareness of how personal finances are invested and a rise in ethical options being offered are facilitating individual divestment from the fossil fuel industry.

Ethical KiwiSaver fund standard called for

The lack of such a standard has been blamed for the dwindling number of funds and customers who are willing to invest their retirement savings in them.

Pope Francis talks about ethical investing while addressing a group of entrepreneurs

How can investors link profit to solidarity? The topic was addressed by Pope Francis as he spoke before a conference on ethical investing.

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