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Bank fund managers 'conflicted on exclusions'

Good Returns July 23rd 2018 by Susan Edmunds
KiwiSaver provider Simplicity has hit back at claims that sector exclusions are not the best way to manage investments responsibly, saying banks have a conflict of interest that stops them achieving the best outcomes in New Zealand.

One person's unethical investment is another's opportunity

Stuff JOHN BERRY July 22 2018
OPINION: Around the world investors agree that ethical or values-based investing can make financial as well as moral sense, but there is no agreement on making those ethical judgements.

Last September the NZ Super Fund added recreational cannabis to its excluded investments list.

Growing marijuana is big business and now legal in eight US states, with central Denver alone dedicating 400,000 square metres of industrial buildings.

The NZ Super Fund's decision is based on the intent behind New Zealand's international treaties, current law and government policy. Many investors will agree with the Super Fund and many will not – there's no right answer.

Watch out for 'green-washing'

Good Returns - 1 June 2018
Investment advisers need to look closely at fund managers that promise "responsible" or "ethical" investment options, industry researchers warn.

Human rights abuses a risk beyond emerging markets

Investment Magazine By Meredith Booth - 18/04/2018
Human rights abuses in company supply chains are not found only in emerging markets, one of the world’s top responsible investment professionals says.

NZ Super Fund head of responsible investing Anne Maree O’Connor, who was recently ranked eighth among the world’s most influential responsible investment specialists in the 2017 survey of Independent Research in Responsible Investment, says the focus is shifting to developed countries where abuses of migrants’ rights are emerging, from the horticulture sector to hospitality and healthcare.

Data security emerging as ethical theme: RIAA

InvestorDaily - BY JESSICA YUN - 28 March 2018
Investor concerns about cybersecurity and data integrity have been brought into focus by the controversy surrounding Facebook in the past week, according to the Responsible Investment Association Australasia.


12 April 2018 By Simon O’Connor, CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia
Ethical investment used to be pretty straight-forward – avoid your traditional sin stocks, and invest in the rest of your universe.

Recent developments have shown us just how far we have moved on from those days of safe, simple ethical investing to a much more complex world.

Facebook Turns Toxic for Some ESG Funds

Bloomberg Briefs By Emily Chasan
Just how toxic is the data-privacy scandal for Facebook? So toxic that some investment funds now are lumping in the social network with big polluters and other corporations they consider ethically challenged.

Rich pickings for Australian ethical investment fund

Business.Scoop By Tina Morrison - 14 March 2018
New Zealand has provided rich pickings for Australia’s largest ethical investment fund, producing some of its best investments, according to the Kiwi who has managed its local equities for the past decade.New Zealand offers rich pickings for Australian ethical investment fund

Farm animal welfare moves up the corporate agenda

Scoop - 23 February 2018
Leading global measure of how companies perform on farm animal welfare shows that ‘big business’ is getting the message: animal cruelty is bad for business.

Dynamic duo: how investors, Millennials are fighting modern slavery By Lucy Dean, 18 Jan 2018
Who made your T-shirt, and what were they paid for it? It’s a question that Millennial consumers care about, and so investors do too.

According to a recent AMP Capital insight, young Australians’ spending power and habits could end modern slavery in the clothing industry as they shift away from cheap but dubiously sourced garments.

AMP Capital’s responsible investment leaders’ Kristen Le Mesurier explained that investors are being influenced by Millennial concerns to push companies for change in order to meet Millennials’ moral standards.

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