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The Economist - The Earth Circle: making environmentalism pay its way (Video - 14 mins)

A hopeful video about the promise and challenges of the circular economy.

ANZ’s responsible investment fund, what about fossil fuels?

4 May 2017 - Press Release – 350 Aotearoa
ANZ today announced a new international equities fund which excludes investments in companies involved in weapons and tobacco, following pressure from consumers.

The fund recognises changing views on responsible investing, with ANZ saying that they will be able to invest or divest quickly depending on investor attitudes.

350 Aotearoa is calling on ANZ to show the same responsiveness when it comes to divestment from the fossil fuel industry.

New fund to meet changing views on responsible investing

5 May 2017 - Press Release – ANZ Bank
ANZ Investments today announced details of a new international equities fund that can be tailored to meet the changing views of New Zealanders on responsible investing.

ANZ Wealth managing director Craig Mulholland said today the new fund tracks an index of international equities that excludes investments in companies involved in controversial weapons and tobacco.

Antibiotics the next ethical investment battleground

(Australian) Financial Review - Adele Ferguson
Weeks after declaring war on tobacco by confirming it would sell $600 million worth of tobacco-related stocks and biological weapon investments, AMP Capital has released a landmark report flagging the regulatory and earnings dangers of businesses using antibiotics in the food chain.

How ethical are New Zealand clothing brands?

New Zealand fashion brands are getting better at ensuring workers are not being exploited to make their clothes, according to the latest Ethical Fashion Report.

The report grades 330 major global and domestic fashion brands and 106 apparel companies from A to F on their policies, supplier traceability and transparency, auditing practices and worker empowerment.

The New Zealand brands scored a median grade of B-, beating the international average of C+.

Auckland Council bans investment in weapons, tobacco, gambling firms

RNZ - Anusha Bradley, 12 April 2017
Auckland Council has voted to dump its investments in controversial weapons, tobacco, fossil fuels and gambling.

Investing in companies that make sugary, unhealthy or alcoholic products will still be allowed, but must be closely monitored under its new responsible investment policy.

A review of the council's investments was triggered last year after RNZ found some of its $320 million 'rainy day' fund held shares in tobacco, alcohol and sugary drink companies.

Hundreds of Medical students call for fossil fuel divestment

5 April 2017
Yesterday, over 100 medical students from the Auckland University Medical Students Association (AUMSA) rallied to call on the University of Auckland to cease investments in coal, oil, and gas companies, to protect public health and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Responsible Investing Part Two: implications for everyone in financial markets

by Pathfinder Asset Management
The essence of responsible investing (RI) is not its focus on environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) – these get the headlines but are about implementation. The essence of RI is simply to change investor and corporate horizons from the short-term to the long-term. RI is about shifting the focus from maximising near term returns to generating long-term sustainable returns.

Govt tells KiwiSaver providers to act quickly on weapons' investments

NZ Herald - Mar 23, 2017
The government won't put a deadline on when it expects KiwiSaver providers to exit investments in banned weapons' makers instead insisting they should act as "quickly as possible."

The Green Party has called for a hard line to be drawn on when fund managers should have to exit the investments after Radio New Zealand reported ANZ, Kiwi Wealth, Westpac and Mercer still had passive investments in companies linked to cluster bombs, anti-personnel mines and nuclear weapons.

ASB KiwiSaver still has $20 million in tobacco investments

NZ Herald -
ASB bank is the last major KiwiSaver provider to continue holding investments in tobacco companies after AMP and Westpac confirmed they will pull out this year.

The bank, which is the country's second largest KiwiSaver fund manager, confirmed today it still has an exposure to tobacco companies which was worth more than $20 million last month.

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