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Fossil fuel divestment and living Laudato Si’

The letter at World Youth Day was supported by the Global Catholic Climate Movement which has begun encouraging Catholic organisations to divest as a way of living out the values expressed in Laudato Si’. Reinvestment in low carbon technology is also part of the agenda.

The initiative was launched in June with a joint announcement by four Australian Catholic Religious Orders that they were committed to fossil fuel divestment. These joined a growing number of Catholic organisations which have publicly committed to divest, including the Catholic Universities of Georgetown and Dayton in the USA. Over one hundred other faith-based organisations worldwide have done the same.

The extraordinary number of extreme weather records set in the last year surely reminds us of the gravity of the challenge facing us. 2015 was the warmest year on record by a significant margin. Cyclone Winston which battered Fiji in February was the fiercest Pacific storm system ever to hit landfall. 

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