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It pays to turn some business away (when you’re avoiding guilt by association)

Admirable? Yes, I think it is. However, it’s not always about their values. For some it’s about their value, in that they worry about having a particular company on their resume, forever.

It’s a relatively simple task but we always learn a lot, about ourselves, others and the world in which we live. It’s not just a task for students; business leaders would be wise to do it for themselves.

In today’s business environment, leaders should be regularly asking, is there a client we won’t do business with? Banks might ask, is there a company we won’t lend to or invest in? For law firms, is there a company we won’t represent? For consultants, is there a business we won’t advise?

Increasingly, businesses are drawing the line based not on legality or economics (the so-called business case), but on ethics.

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