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Martin Hawes: The importance of sleeping well at night

Meadows claimed that if you understand how the share market works, you will know that when you buy shares in Evil Corp you are giving your money to another investor rather than to Evil Corp.

Effectively, you can happily buy shares in Evil Corp because Evil Corp does not see a cent of your money.

That’s true – but disingenuous. If you followed Meadows’ logic, you would happily buy any company no matter how they made money: the use of child labour, manufacture of nuclear weapons, the sale of tobacco, harvesting whale meat, and so on.

Extend the logic further and roll the clock back 80 years and you would knowingly have bought shares on market in the German company Degussa. Degussa manufactured Zyklon B, the gas that was the preferred killing tool of the Nazis at Auschwitz.

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