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Men, we need to invest better

Lots of signs point to the ways that gender shapes our investment decisions. Analysis of trading data has shown men buy and sell shares much more often than women and are prepared to take on more risk. Acting on impulse and being prepared to “roll the dice” does not make for successful investing.

In recent research by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and Mindful Money, 1000 New Zealanders were asked whether they expected their KiwiSaver fund to invest responsibly and ethically. Women were far more likely to expect ethical investments than men.

When asked if they believed that ethical (or responsible) KiwiSaver funds and other investments would perform better in the long term, way more women than men said yes.

What about a desire to avoid investment in environmental degradation, animal testing, factory farming, weapons or fossil fuels? Again, way more women than men cared.

There was one area that men score more highly than women. But that was agreeing to the statement: “I don’t think ethical investing makes a difference.”

So, men don’t care about ethical investing as much as women. So what?

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