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Oram: The sixth wave is coming

The creativity, enterprise and well-being of a society is far greater than the sum of its parts. That’s true in all we do; and even more so in our response to the climate crisis. Our transformation to a low emissions nation will make us more sustainable and wealthier environmentally, socially, culturally and economically.

While we have abundant climate opportunities, the synergies between them are far more important. Progress in one sector builds confidence and change in others. It’s a virtuous circle, as learning and ambition flow back and forth between sectors, triggering further rounds of initiatives.

For us the synergies are particularly powerful because our emissions are split 50/50 between urban and rural sources. There seems little in common between cars and cows beyond being our two largest generators of greenhouse gases. However, both will benefit from the latest wave of industrialisation. They can become ultra-low emitters in the way the products are made and used.

This sixth wave of the industrial revolution features the likes of: radical resource productivity; whole systems design; biomimicry (the borrowing of technologies from nature); industrial ecology; green chemistry; renewable energy; and green nanotechnology.

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