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Ethical investments are outperforming traditional funds

Environmentalists cheered by huge improvements in air quality during the lockdown – and the collapse in coal power generation – have another reason to celebrate. Even the stock market has gone in their favour.

A detailed number-crunching of environmentally sustainable funds has revealed that they have outperformed traditional funds across the board – beating them during the pandemic as well as during the 10 years up to and including the coronavirus sell-off.

The data, from the global research agency Morningstar, comes amid growing evidence that environmentally focused investing – once pigeonholed by City traditionalists as only for a vegan/hippy minority – is becoming mainstream. This week, Vanguard, one of the world’s biggest fund managers, launched two ethical index funds aimed at UK investors, while Aviva, Britain’s biggest insurer, unveiled a “climate transition” fund. The Guardian – 13 June 2020
Evidence suggests that environmentally focused investing is becoming mainstream

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Providing true-to-label exposure

Recent years have seen a surge in interest in socially responsible or ethical investing, both in Australia and globally, coinciding with widespread concern around environmental and societal and governance (ESG) issues. Advisers are likely to find an increasing number of clients want to invest in a way that reflects their ethical and environmental stance. Money Management
15 May 2020

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Climate change and investment

It was around this time last year that I went to the movies and saw Vice, starring one of my favourite actors Christian Bale portraying Dick Cheney’s rise to Vice President under the George W Bush administration.

There was a short scene in the film that just blew me away. It was when a public focus group was asked the question: “‘Global warming’ sounds bad doesn’t it, how do you feel about the term ‘climate change’?” Everyone agreed it sounded much less scary and the next day it was adopted all over the world through a brilliant PR marketing campaign. Good Returns
11 Feb 2020
By Mint Asset Management

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Ethical KiwiSaver funds prove more resilient

KiwiSaver funds invested solely in ethical companies are outperforming other funds amidst market volatility.

An analysis of returns for the first quarter of 2020 shows growth funds were on average down more than 12 percent, but growth funds that were ethically invested lost on under 8 percent.

Conservative and balanced funds also performed better. Newsroom – 9 April

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Coronavirus: Economic stimulus is climate’s ‘Last Chance Saloon’

As governments around the world prepare to spend billions of dollars to stimulate their economies, climate activists see these investments as the last chance for big spending on climate change, Marc Daalder reports

“We’re out of time.”

That’s the alarm that Climate Change Minister James Shaw has been raising for anyone who will listen. Marc Daalder of Newsroom (via Stuff)

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As the globe comes to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of responsible investment and sustainable finance has been readying itself for crises such as this over some time.

Such scenarios are core business for responsible, ethical and impact investors, who spend much of their days analysing and assessing causes of disruptions to valuations that sit off the balance sheet: the environmental, social, governance and ethical issues that are fundamental to a holistic understanding of what moves markets. The role of responsible investment and sustainable finance in times of crisis.
By RIAA CEO Simon O’Connor

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What is responsible investing?

You’d hope any investment fund managing peoples’ money would be doing so responsibly but lately there’s been a boom of extra responsible funds. RNZ – Madison Reidy

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