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Australian Ethical: Clear and present danger

I was in London early this month where I witnessed the climate change rallies in full swing. It was an extraordinary sight. The movement’s supporters came from all walks of life. It could have easily been mistaken for a fun run if not for the placards railing against the environment crisis.

13 November 2019
David Macri
Chief Investment Officer
Australian Ethical Investment Limited

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Calls mount for ACC to distance itself from fossil fuels, after Parliament report

ACC is facing mounting calls to sell its investment in fossil fuel companies, following the release of a Parliamentary select committee report into its ethical investment policy.

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick is calling on the fund to sell its fossil fuel investments, and if it refuses for the Government to use the law to force its hand.

The Government-owned fund controls roughly $40 billion worth of investment, with nearly $1b of that currently invested in fossil fuels.

It has $778 million invested in renewable energy. Stuff
Thomas Coughlan
Nov 21 2019

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What is ‘ecological economics’ and why do we need to talk about it?

As environmental crises and the urgency to create ecological sustainability escalate, so does the importance of ecological economics. This applied, solutions-based field of studies is concerned with sustainability and development, rather than efficiency and growth. Also, given that cities account for 70-80% of global economic activity and associated resource use, emissions and waste, they are central to finding solutions to the challenge of sustainability. Property Observer

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Sustainable Finance: Investing in a better world

The Herald 31 Oct, 2019 – The Sustainable Finance Forum is focused on the tangible aspects of the system it seeks to change, says Matt Whineray. In the past 12 months the NZ Super Fund received contributions of $1 billion from the Crown to invest in smoothing out the increasing future costs of providing universal

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Older people deserve more credit for the rise of ethical investing

OPINION: The sparky-eyed Millennial out to save the world is overshadowing the other great investment eco-warrior: The baby boomer.

Humans love a simple story, and the trope about the socially-aware young changing the world makes for good reading.

But when it comes to ethical investing, the revolution is being driven by those with white hair as much as it is the young. Stuff, Rob Stock
Sep 19 2019

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I was fortunate to spend last week in Paris, with 1700 others at the annual PRI in Person, the largest ever global conference of responsible investors. It was a week full of rich content, which allowed a global sharing of latest practices, regulatory developments and a strong focus on what kind of role the finance sector will play in confronting the great challenges of our time, not least, climate change. by Simon O’Connor, CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia
16 Sep 2019

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