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A lesson for investors: Real change involves the loss of power

ProBono Australia Wendy Williams 13 May 2021
Anand Giridharadas poses a challenge to responsible investors to think about their power and what they’re really doing to achieve systemic change.

Calculating value of biodiversity: BNP Paribas Asset Management

Financial Standard BY RACHEL ALEMBAKIS | 29 APR 2021
Biodiversity and the value of ecosystem services are a critical part of a healthy global economy, with investors working to calculate risk and opportunity on investment portfolios.

BNP Paribas Asset Management has named biodiversity as one of its key thematic priorities, and is undertaking a number of projects to pursue biodiversity related topics across its different areas of sustainable investing.

Dairy business gets loan discount if hits environmental targets

Bonnie Flaws Mar 01 2021
BNZ is offering a loan discount to dairy investor Southern Pastures, if it meets water and biodiversity targets on its farms, in a New Zealand first.

Analysis: Shocked by sacred sites blast, investors press mining firms to revamp heritage oversight

Reuters 25 November 2020 By Melanie Burton, Clara Denina
Rio Tinto’s destruction of sacred Indigenous rock shelters in Australia this year has dismayed and galvanised a swathe of investors who want big changes in how mining firms manage heritage issues and have begun to tell them so.

Election 2020: Financial sector will have to report on climate change risk in world-first move

Stuff Henry Cooke and Thomas Coughlan 15 Sep 2020
Roughly 200 of New Zealand’s biggest companies and financial organisations will be made to report on climate change risk, Climate Change Minister James Shaw has announced.

The policy will force large financial organisations in New Zealand to disclose how exposed their business and investments are to climate change-related risk. Some entities, such as the NZ Super Fund, are already proactively disclosing such risks, ahead of the mandatory regime.

How ‘Degrowth’ Pushes Climate and Well-Being Over GDP

Bloomberg Green By Akshat Rathi September 18, 2020
In recent years, a group of economists, ecologists, and anthropologists has gained attention for trying to overturn a core tenet of economic policy — that growth is good for everyone. Known as the “degrowth” movement, these scholars suggest a reframing of humanity’s goals along ecological lines to address the climate crisis, along with a reconsideration of using gross domestic product as a metric for progress. The upheaval of the coronavirus crisis has added fuel to the debate.

Pandemics result from destruction of nature, say UN and WHO

The Guardian Damian Carrington, 17 June 2020
Pandemics such as coronavirus are the result of humanity’s destruction of nature, according to leaders at the UN, WHO and WWF International, and the world has been ignoring this stark reality for decades.

The illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade as well as the devastation of forests and other wild places were still the driving forces behind the increasing number of diseases leaping from wildlife to humans, the leaders told the Guardian.

They are calling for a green and healthy recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular by reforming destructive farming and unsustainable diets.

Climate change is a problem that requires global solidarity – just like coronavirus

Women's Agenda
We hosted the second instalment of the Women Leading Climate Action series on Tuesday, a virtual discussion in partnership with ActionAid Australia that aims to lift the voices of women who are leading on solutions and action on climate change.

COVID19 shows active ownership needed to safeguard social assets & advocate for principled political economy

Susheela Peres da Costa Chair of RIAA
A pandemic lays bare the social infrastructure on which the economy depends. As the social requirements of COVID-19 affect so many forms of economic activity - from education to entertainment - we glimpse connections we ordinarily never see.

Biomimicry = Return on Inspiration

GreenMoney By Janine Benyus, Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute Originally written in 2017
Biomimicry can help sequester carbon, build a circular economy and perfect NetPositive regenerative design.

It seems so obvious now: innovators are turning to nature for inspiration in building, chemistry, agriculture, energy, health, transportation, computing–even the design of organizations and cities. Biomimicry is taught from kindergarten to university and practiced in all scales of enterprise.

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