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These Political Leaders Had the Biggest Carbon Footprint in 2018

Trump took fewer overseas flights than his counterparts, the booking portal From AtoB said in a report on G-20 travel. Asian leaders Moon Jae-in and Xi Jinping also featured high on the list. But like Abe, they typically have to travel further to meet their counterparts.

Meanwhile, U.K Prime Minister Theresa May didn’t make the top five. She took 51 flights, 10 of which were to and from Brussels for Brexit negotiations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also didn’t rank near the top, despite taking 83 flights. Her trips were much shorter journeys.

The analysis also takes into account the model of plane used by the various leaders, noting that Trump’s Boeing 747-200B emits the most carbon dioxide of any other plane. It didn’t appear to include support aircraft or staff that often accompany leaders on their journeys. 

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