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Pressure to divest from fossil fuels

The University of Otago Foundation Trust is ''currently considering'' divestment from fossil fuels, its chairman John Ward says.

Show Me the Money

Now, more than ever, people want to know where their ‘stuff’ comes from, how projects are bankrolled, and where funds are invested.

Grosvenor KiwiSaver Scheme’s Socially Responsible Investment Funds remove fossil fuel stocks

Grosvenor has recently announced that it has removed exposure to all directly-held fossil fuel-related companies within the two Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) fund options in the Grosvenor KiwiSaver Scheme.

Greens call for Super Fund to quit fossil fuels

The Green Party has called for the New Zealand Superannuation Fund to quit its investments in companies producing fossil fuel.

Ethical KiwiSaver fund standard called for

The lack of such a standard has been blamed for the dwindling number of funds and customers who are willing to invest their retirement savings in them.

Pope Francis talks about ethical investing while addressing a group of entrepreneurs

How can investors link profit to solidarity? The topic was addressed by Pope Francis as he spoke before a conference on ethical investing.

NZ Super Fund's CEO says responsible investing now a groundswell globally

When the NZ Superannuation Fund (also referred to as the Cullen fund) CEO, Adrian Orr, says that long-term and responsible investing (RI) has become a groundswell globally, we can be assured that RI is no longer simply the activity of a small interest group.

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