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Investors prepared to switch for ethical funds, report shows

Good Returns October 30th 2019
More than 80% of New Zealanders expect their KiwiSaver and other investments to be invested responsibly and ethically, new research by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and Mindful Money has shown.

Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt, says Mark Carney

The Guardian, 13 Oct 2019 Damian Carrington
Companies and industries that are not moving towards zero-carbon emissions will be punished by investors and go bankrupt, the governor of the Bank of England has warned.

Older people deserve more credit for the rise of ethical investing

Stuff, Rob Stock Sep 19 2019
OPINION: The sparky-eyed Millennial out to save the world is overshadowing the other great investment eco-warrior: The baby boomer.

Humans love a simple story, and the trope about the socially-aware young changing the world makes for good reading.

But when it comes to ethical investing, the revolution is being driven by those with white hair as much as it is the young.


by Simon O’Connor, CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia 16 Sep 2019
I was fortunate to spend last week in Paris, with 1700 others at the annual PRI in Person, the largest ever global conference of responsible investors. It was a week full of rich content, which allowed a global sharing of latest practices, regulatory developments and a strong focus on what kind of role the finance sector will play in confronting the great challenges of our time, not least, climate change.

RIAA launches refreshed Certification Program

Posted By Rachel Alembakis on September 20, 2019 in Fund Management
The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) has refreshed its Certification Program, to reflect the maturing market for responsible investment and a focus on best practice.

The changes to Certification Program 2.0 is the result of a 10-month review process, and based on international best practices, detailed consumer research and industry engagement, RIAA said. The enhancements include new rigorous standards, strengthened minimum requirements and additional information disclosure.

Justin Welby: investors must pressure firms to act on climate crisis

The Guardian Sean Farrell 27 Aug 2019
Archbishop of Canterbury says fund managers are not doing enough to press for change.

The archbishop of Canterbury has criticised the investment industry for inaction over the climate crisis and called on fund managers to push companies to reduce their impact on the environment.

Can big investors save the world?

BBC By Tom Espiner 18 Aug 2019
While young people throng the streets demanding action on man-made climate change, an older, more sober group of activists is fighting a green campaign: big investors.

Shareholder Value Is No Longer Everything, Top C.E.O.s Say

New York Times By David Gelles and David Yaffe-Bellany Aug 19 2019
Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan Chase, argued that companies must also invest in employees and deliver value to customers.

Students welcome University of Auckland Foundation's fossil fuel divestment

Newshub 2/092019 Scott Palmer
The University of Auckland (UoA) Foundation has announced it has committed to moving towards zero investment in fossil fuels.

On Friday its trustees, who manage a $224 million investment portfolio, said they will reduce their investment in the top fossil fuel companies down to 0.5 percent or less by December 2020.

Surge of new ESG products (in Australia) to woo investors

Australian Financial Review Alexandra Cain 30 Aug 2019
After a decade of largely stagnant ethical investment offerings, the last two years have seen a significant number of new products hit the market. Experts say this is an indication investment products with environmental, social and governance themes are poised to become mainstream.

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