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Purpose-driven investment for purpose-driven organisations: The case for ethical investing

ProBono Australia 16th July 2019
Whatever the future holds, ethical investing will continue to increase its impact. In this article, Mathew Browning, U Ethical chief executive officer, answers three common questions about investing ethically.

For many, ethical investing remains a mystery. So in this article, we shall answer three questions:

What is ethical investing?
How popular is ethical investing?
Does ethical investing come at the cost of returns?


09 July By Simon O’Connor CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)
Responsible and ethical investing in New Zealand has reached a critical point.

New Zealand now has $188 billion allocated across capital markets in accordance with environmental, social, governance and ethical factors. This is the highest proportion of financial markets covered by responsible investing strategies of any market across the globe. In this context, it is tempting to suggest this once niche style of investing has become mainstream.

Yet, as an industry, we’re far from having completed the task.

These Political Leaders Had the Biggest Carbon Footprint in 2018

Bloomberg By Siraj Datoo 3 July 2019
Some of the most dramatic moments from last week’s G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan, turned on the debate about climate change, with U.S. President Donald Trump split from his counterparts on the need for action.

But when it comes to impact on the environment, Trump isn’t the G-20 leader with the highest carbon footprint, according to an analysis of international flights taken by leaders of the group in 2018. That unwanted prize belongs to Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who traveled almost 130,000 miles last year.

Managers adopting low-or-no carbon strategies to mitigate risks

Investment News NZ JULY 7, 2019
Initially driven by big pension funds in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America for various reasons, some political, fund managers are increasingly looking at how companies are handling the inevitable transition to a lower-carbon world as a risk-assessment tool.

Ethical fund managers fail to meet investors' concerns over climate change

The Sydney Morning Herald By John Collett July 3, 2019
Ethical investment managers are failing to meet the climate change concerns of retail investors in the choice of businesses to exclude from their funds.

Retail investors want ethical funds to exclude businesses involved in fossil fuels and violations of human rights in their supply chains, but investment managers are mostly screening out controversial weapons and tobacco.

Funds must take modern slavery out of supply chains

Investment Magazine (Aus) Elizabeth Fry June 19, 2019
The introduction of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act is a giant step forward because it has thrown labour abuse sharply into focus for both consumers and super fund members, says Christian Super chief, Ross Piper.

Do-Good Capitalism Has to Act as If the World Depends on It

Emily Chasan Bloomberg 12 June 2019
Climate change, extreme poverty, and all the world’s other big problems will be expensive to solve.

Green bonds budding in New Zealand

NZ Herald 22 May 2019 David Ireland
What do Auckland Council's electric trains, Contact Energy's geothermal energy plants, and Argosy Property's 5-Star Green Star buildings have in common? All have been financed by green bonds in New Zealand over the past 12 months.

Facebook Investors Vote for Change at Top. But They Can’t Win

Bloomberg By Kurt Wagner 4 June 2019
Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has himself to thank for the fact he’s still chairman of the company’s board.

Results from the Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting last week show that many of the investor proposals intended to limit Zuckerberg’s power over the company he co-founded would have passed -- if not for Zuckerberg’s voting power.

Apart from Zuckerberg’s nearly 4 billion votes, which give him control of the company, investors overwhelmingly supported proposed changes to Facebook’s corporate structure, according to a regulatory filing.

Want to read up on sustainability but don’t know what to start? CEO Rachel Brown shares her Top Six.

Sustainable Business Network By Jessica Beau Paul
With the growing sense of urgency around the sustainability challenges we face, knowing how to inform yourself can be a daunting task. There are a plethora of articles, reports, podcasts, TED Talks, and books tackling some of the social and environmental issues of our time. But where to begin?

Rachel Brown, CEO of the Sustainable Business Network, says: “Sustainability is the biggest issue of our times. It’s transforming the way we live and the way we run our businesses. So it’s important to understand what it’s all about to help you make informed decisions.

“I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite books, articles and videos. Some of the information out there can be really depressing, so it’s important to include some inspiring, solutions-based information in your learning too.”

Here are Rachel’s Top Six: Where to Start in Sustainability.

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